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eCom Brands That Want To Increase MRR, Predictably Convert Leads, And Create A Loyal Community Of Customers

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“98% Increase In Revenue… Open rates as high as 50%... Single campaigns that have generated $30,000”

- Anthony Clark, CEO of Activation Products

"Worked With A Few Email Agencies In The Past... We're Seeing 30%+ From Email & SMS Every Month... Would Recommend Mailer Profit"
- Matt, Founder of Spacegoods, Midnight Podcast

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We'll Generate 20 - 50% Of Your Total Revenue Within 90 Days

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1. We'll Dial In Your Email Deliverability

2. Overhaul Your Email & SMS Flows

3. Strategise Better Offers, Write Better Copy, And Design Better Campaigns

4. Increase Your Campaign Frequency

5. Analyse & Add New Split Tests And Emails Into The Workflow Each Month

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41% Of Total Revenue For A Health Brand
$220,000 Generated For An 8 Figure Perfume Brand
62% Of Total Revenue For A Health Brand
36% Of Total Revenue For A Health Brand

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We 4x’d Their Monthly Revenue In 60 Days…

And Now We’re Clearing $430,000 + Per MONTH Via Email & SMS Alone!

Before Signing Mailer Profit:

◉ $66,000 monthly email revenue
◉ No marketing calendar
◉ Basic flow set up
◉ Low campaign frequency
◉ $0.79 average revenue per subscriber

30 Days After Signing With Us

◉ Complete flow overhaul with Mailer Profit Flows
◉ Increased campaign frequency to two per week
◉ $1.22 average revenue per subscriber
‍◉ $183,000 monthly email revenue

60 Days After Signing With Us

◉ $270,000 monthly email revenue
◉ Flow optimisation via split tests
◉ Campaign frequency increased to three per week
◉ $12.23 average revenue per subscriber

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We Near DOUBLED Their Revenue In 30 Days

A 43% Revenue Increase

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