We help 7, 8 and 9 figure eCom brands scale their revenue with Branded direct response marketing

We Help eCom Brands That Want To Increase MRR, Predictably Convert Leads, And Create A Loyal Community Of Customers.

We help 7, 8 and 9 figure eCom brands scale their revenue with Branded direct response marketing

We help eCom brands that want to increase MRR, predictably convert leads, and create a loyal community of customers.

what is
“branded direct response”

simply put...

Branded Direct Response is when you take high-converting principles & tactics from the more aggressive DR world and apply them to eCom to make $$$.

If you strike the right balance between the two you will make a lot more money while also maintaining ‘brand’ equity.

Most eCom businesses are doing one or the other.

But you’ll find that the eCom brands making the MOST money in 2023 are using a healthy balance of both aggressive DR and branded marketing.

A few examples of how we will implement this for your brand:

Send longer form landing pages to your list

Use more plain text emails

Write story-based advertorials for Facebook ads

Send more campaigns

Mail your buyers list more often


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here are some of our
case studies

case study #1

When we first brought on Activation Products, they were seeing $73k/month from email and consistently:

Hitting the spam folder

Not sending enough campagins

Using weak, regurgitated copy

After 60 days of working with us, their email revenue quadrupled to $263,000.

case study #2

From $13k/month to $35k/month in 60 days only!

We were able to 3x the Klaviyo revenue in 60 days just by using our newly-discovered PTC, Primary Tab Converting system, that helps us land 50-60% open rate on average,  combining that with the correct campaign frequency… we generated 80% flows revenue increase and 300% campaign revenue increase.

Before Mailer Profit:

Flows were making $8k

Campaigns were making $5k

Klaviyo $13k

After Mailer Profit:

Flows are making $15k

Campaigns are making $20k

Klaviyo $35k

case study #3

With the help of our efforts, Klaviyo now contributes to 41% of their revenue! Before us it was 0%

The secret?

2 Things.



...as they have different products and different audiences so we build different flows based on the products and the audience interested in those products.

case study #4

90% increase in their Klaviyo revenue by sending more campaigns as they made only £96k/month from campaigns before us but with Mailer Profit, campaigns were making +£220k/month

Before Mailer Profit:

£224,160 from Klaviyo/month

After Mailer Profit:

After 60 days only from working with us: £427,840

here is how We Could Generate 20 - 50% Of Your Total Revenue Within 90 Days

step #1

initial set-up of the account

step #2

checking your domain health

step #3

building out correct segments

step #4

mapping out your customer journey

step #5

plan out your flows & campaigns for month 1

step #6

write new flows, get them designed and build them in your klaviyo

step #7

we monitor and optimise your flows on a bi-weekly basis

step #8

have a meeting every other week to discuss progress and give you an in-depth report

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